Basic Pricing and Services For an Existing Home Air Conditioning and Heater Change  out:

Prices are typical for an average home and are subject to change. All Prices include taxes.

Gas Systems:

3 Ton Gas Systems-

condensor       Condensing unit                                  $2139.50

gas-furnace       Gas Furnace                                           $1549.90

EVAP COIL.jpg         Coil                                                          $1445.40

total-system-changeout    Total for a System Change-out

(Includes all services above for a whole

system change-out)                                                   $5134.80


Electric Systems:

3 Ton Electric Systems-

condensor       Condensing unit                                $2139.50

air-handler      Air Handler                                         $1626.90

heat-strip        Heat Strip                                            $123.02

total-system-changeout      Total for a System Changeout

(Includes all services above for a whole

system change-out)                                                   $3889.42



hp_b       Refrigerant                                       $30 per lb


how-to-estimate-the-cost-of-air-conditioner-service-calls-valley-comfort-heating-and-air-conditioniing-ca-1-300x200      Service Calls:

Residential Call-out Fee  $80

Commercial Call-out Fee $100


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-Air Knight Purification System                                                                                   $700.00

-Air Knight Purification System  & Professionally Installed                               $1100.00


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